Soil: The Key to a Healthy Garden

Thank you for registering for this virtual program! Below are the links to the pre-recorded workshop content to view on your own time. After you watch, join our experts for a virtual Zoom Q&A in real-time – ask your specific questions and participate in discussions with other interested gardeners. The live Q&A will take place on Zoom on Saturday, September 19 at 10am. The Zoom link and information to access it are listed below. 

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Pre-recorded Presentations

Soil is the foundation of any good garden, and healthy soil is vital in producing resilient plants. Learn the basics of soil structure, testing, and how to amend problem soil. Then unearth the essential ingredients and steps in preparing, maintaining, and utilizing organic compost. 

  • Presentations
    • Healthy Soils Grow Healthy Landscapes presented by Malarie Gotcher, The City of Oklahoma City, Utilities Department (26:44 minutes)
    • Composting at Home presented by Kelly Dillow, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, Land Protection Division (25:42 minutes)
      • Click HERE
      • Click HERE for a direct link to the demonstration videos shown during her presentation

Live virtual Q&A

After watching the above presentations on soil and compost to help your garden, check out the recording from our live Zoom Q&A session that took place on Saturday, September 19, 10 am. Only one registrant family was able to join us but we ended up having a very interesting conversation where we really got to dive deep into compost and tricky soil spots. 

Here is the link to the recording if you are interested. The conversation gets going at about 4 minutes with introductions and lasts about 50 minutes. 


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