• A permit is required if you would like to privately use any area of Together Square. Reservations will not be honored until the permit is received, payment has been made and a Myriad Gardens coordinator has approved reservation.
  • Unless prior approval has been granted, reservations and private rentals of Together Square can begin as early as 8am and must conclude by 10pm.
  • Security may be required as determined by the Event Manager or upon the recommendation of the Oklahoma City Chief of Police.
  • Events open to the public or with an anticipated guest list over 250 participants will require additional security. The cost shall be at the expense of the Renter.
  • Liability insurance may be required for events open to the public.
  • Liquor liability coverage is required if alcohol is to be sold during a private event. Myriad Gardens will require a copy of the COI from the operator and copies of each bartender’s liquor licenses.

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