Frequently Asked Event Rental Questions

What are the Gardens’ hours of operation?

  • The Crystal Bridge is open 9 am-5 pm Monday-Saturday and 11 am-5 pm on Sunday and 11 am-7 pm from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
  • The outdoor grounds are open from 6 am-11 pm 7 days a week.

Where can my guests park when I have an event at the Gardens?

  • There are parking meters along Ron Norick, Reno & Hudson. These meters charge $1 for 60 minutes, o$.50 for 15 minutes. All parking zones have a 2-hour minimum. The meters are in effect from 8am-6pm Monday thru Friday, free on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.
  • The former Cox parking garage located at 1 Myriad Gardens has 947 total spaces and 24 ADA accessible spaces. Daily pricing is $10.
  • The Sheridan Walker parking garage located at 501 West Sheridan on the corner of Sheridan and Walker has 1116 available spaces and 28 ADA accessible spaces. Daily pricing varies from $2/hour or $10/day.
  • Visit Parking OKC for maps and rates of Downtown Parking.
  • American Parking owns two lots to the south of the Crystal Bridge. If there is an event downtown, these lots are open to the public for parking. Fees vary. If there is not an event downtown, the lots remain closed. You may inquire about renting the lots for your event at the American Parking Oklahoma City offices located at 221 Robert S. Kerr Ave. Ph: 1-800-359-5219 or visit

Is the gardens ADA accessible?


Are there bike racks around the Gardens?

Yes. The garden has 3 bike racks throughout the Gardens.

Can I take pictures at the Gardens?

Pictures can be taken on the outside grounds free of charge. If you intend to take a professional video, you will need to contact our marketing director, Leslie A. Spears. She can be reached at (405) 445-7091 or at  The price will be dependent on the type of video shoot, area(s) you’ll be shooting, and how long you’ll be shooting. Staged photography inside the Crystal Bridge requires a photography permit of $25 per hour plus the cost of admission to the bridge. All photography in the Crystal Bridge or on the outdoor grounds must be appropriate for all audiences. Myriad Gardens staff reserves the right to decline any inappropriate photography requests. If additional information is needed, please contact Rachel McMichael (405) 445-7092 or

How can I make a payment on my event/rental?

Payments need to be arranged through the event manager. All major credit cards are accepted. The event manager can process payments over the phone, a check can be mailed to 301 W. Reno, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 Attn: Rental Department or you may pay by cash, check, money order, or credit/debit card at our guest services desk in the Crystal Bridge during regular hours of operation which are 9 am-5 pm Monday-Saturday and 11 am-5 pm on Sundays.

Can I bring my pet to the gardens?

Yes. We have a dog park located on the east side of the Crystal Bridge. Pets outside the dog park must remain on a leash at all times.

Do I need to rent a space if I want to have a picnic outside?

No. Guests are welcome to bring a blanket and sit outside on our grounds. There are also small tables scattered around the property. Food is prohibited inside the Crystal Bridge.

I want a quick ceremony outside with only a few people and an officiate-does the gardens allow this?

Yes! We offer what we call impromptu ceremonies. No setup, no chairs, etc. The cost of impromptu ceremonies is $175 on Sunday through Thursday and Friday and Saturday, $250. You will still need to obtain a special use permit for these. Contact Katie Brickman at (405) 445-7092 or with any additional questions or to schedule your impromptu ceremony.

Are there any restrictions on decorating?

Yes. We do not allow the use of duct tape anywhere on the grounds, indoor or outdoor. Candles are not allowed outside or inside the Crystal Bridge. If petals are being used as part of the processional outdoors, or if any petals are to be thrown onto the ground, they must be real petals. If you are renting the Crystal Bridge, fake petals must be used. If renting either of our reception rooms, you have the choice to use real or fake petals. We do not allow any open flames outdoors or in the Crystal Bridge.

Does the Myriad Gardens have a catering policy?

Yes. You may select from an approved list of outside caterers listed here. A $450 opt-out catering fee will be added if the renter chooses an outside caterer aside from the ones listed. At which point copies of liability insurance and catering licenses will need to be provided.

Do I need to rent a space if I want to propose to my partner outside?

If you are planning to drop the knee at a specific outdoor location with a setup of any kind a rental is required to secure the space. Without reserving your proposal area, it is not guaranteed space will be available at your desired time. Setup/decoration is never permitted without a rental contract in place.  To reserve an area, receive information on customizable proposal packages, or if you have a special idea that you think may need prior approval, contact a rental coordinator at (405) 200-1547 or

Do you offer security for my event at the gardens?

The Myriad Gardens has security on site 24 hours a day. While they are not assigned to any particular event, they do assist gardens staff with event operations.

Are there rental discounts available for the military, members of the gardens, or non-profit organizations?

Yes. Contact Rachel McMichael at (405) 445-7092. Military discounts are available to patrons touring the bridge. RENTAL discounts are available for members of the gardens and non-profit organizations. An active military ID, gardens membership card, and 501(c)(3) proof will be required to receive a discount.

Is there electricity outdoors?

Yes. There are light poles scattered throughout the gardens. At the bottom of each light pole are electrical outlets.  Due to the ever-changing Oklahoma weather, these outlets may obtain a short in them unknown to Myriad Gardens staff. If you intend to utilize these outlets near your outdoor rental space, we suggest you test them prior to your event.

Is it possible another event will be taking place at the same time as mine?

Yes. The gardens span over 17 acres. It is possible and very likely we will have more than one event taking place at once. We can, however, guarantee that one event will not affect/disrupt the other.

Do I need to rent the facility for setup and tear downtime as well?

No. The rental manager will work with you on setup/decoration times based on space availability the day of and will not charge you for tear downtime. You will only be charged for the hours you and your guests will be occupying the space.

What if I have an outdoor area rented and it rains on the day of my event?

As Oklahomans, we know that the weather in our state is very unpredictable. If the weather is inclement the day of your event, the gardens staff will do all possible to ensure your event still takes place. With that being said we cannot guarantee we will have an indoor area available at the time of your event. We strongly suggest a backup plan when renting any outdoor area.

Does the Myriad Gardens have a cancellation policy on rentals?

Yes. If canceling an event with more than 90 days’ notice, the renter will receive a full refund of the deposit less than $100.00.  If canceling an event within 90 days, the renter will receive a 50% refund of the deposit. If canceling an event with less than 60 days, the deposit is non-refundable. All cancellations must be in writing.

What is the latest I can rent the facility?

All rentals must conclude by 12:00 am. This means at midnight, the event has concluded and cleanup has commenced.

Is there a kitchen available to use?

A prep kitchen is available for indoor rentals only. This includes a refrigerator, ice machine, microwave, trash cans, and 2 rolling carts for loading and unloading.

Is there an area to load and unload items?

There is a circle drive on the east side of the Crystal Bridge. This area is a loading/unloading zone only. Once you have unloaded your items, you must move your car to a parking space. Cars left in the circle drive for the duration of events will be towed.

Do you have a freight elevator?

Yes. On the west side of the Crystal Bridge, directly across from Hudson, there is a freight elevator. This elevator takes you to the lower level rooms and lake level.

Can I leave items overnight and pick them up the next day?

No. Due to the high volume of events we host, we do not have the storage space for items to be left overnight from events. The Myriad Botanical Gardens is not responsible for items left after an event.