Orchids in October 2020: Honoring Jil and Tony Boghetich

Orchids in October 2020: Honoring Jil and Tony Boghetich

Honoring Jil and Tony Boghetich

Orchids in October honors Jil and Tony Boghetich with the James R. Tolbert III Crystal Orchid Award, which is in recognition of individuals who have significantly impacted the beauty and success of not only Myriad Botanical Gardens but all of Oklahoma City.

Each spring more than 40,000 tulips, daffodil, hyacinth, and scilla bulbs bloom at Myriad Botanical Gardens creating a cheerful and dazzling sea of bright color. This display draws thousands of visitors who enjoy the spring flowers.

Longtime supporters, Jil and Tony Boghetich, were enchanted by the community’s enthusiastic response to the bulbs that were first planted in 2012 and shared the vision of the Gardens to offer a stunning floral display each spring in the heart of downtown that is free to view.

“Myriad Botanical Gardens is a treasure our city has embraced. The annual display of spring blooms brings great joy to many of our citizens and visitors. Jil and I personally have supported this effort on our own and through the Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation, where we serve as trustees. We are truly honored to have been a small part of this effort.” – Tony Boghetich

Residents of Oklahoma City and La Jolla, California, Jil, and Tony, who both serve on the board of the Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation, facilitated a matching grant award that is now fully realized. As a result, we have established a $400,000 permanent endowment fund guaranteeing a dazzling display of spring bulbs in perpetuity.

Jil and Tony continue to give generously to the Gardens in many ways. In 2019, they served as co-chairs of the biennial spring luncheon fundraiser, Art of Flowers, helping us raise grant funds to fulfill the Rapp Foundation match requirements. Tony also serves on the Myriad Gardens Foundation Community Board.

As we plant thousands of bulbs this winter, we remain deeply grateful to Jil and Tony for their extraordinary gift that keeps giving to the multitude of visitors who look forward to visiting the Gardens each year to celebrate the arrival of spring.

“We are truly appreciative of the incredible support from Jil and Tony Boghetich to ensure that generations of visitors to the Gardens will have the
opportunity to enjoy the enchanting spring floral displays.” 

    – Chair Emeritus Jim Tolbert, Myriad Gardens Foundation


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Your support is essential at this time. Like so many of our nonprofit peers, Myriad Botanical Gardens must continue raising funds despite the challenges presented by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

While we are not able to host the beautiful Orchids in October ceremony and luncheon this year to honor Jil and Tony Boghetich, we still want to celebrate them and all they do. One of the best ways to do that is to continue your annual support of this fall event. We would like to thank you for your generous gift with fresh flower bouquets from White Flower Farm, a family-owned, mail-order nursery renowned for their high-quality plant material.

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