Oklahoma Gardening School will take place in March 2020. Date to be announced.

Here are the speakers’ notes from March 9

Notes from Jenny Wegley

2019 Oklahoma Gardening School: Presented by Devon Energy and The Meinders Foundation

Growing Beautiful, Successful and Low-Maintenance Herb Gardens

Myriad Botanical Gardens’ annual Oklahoma Gardening School is the state’s premier annual horticultural symposium designed for home gardeners and professional horticulturists, garden designers and landscape architects. Each year the Oklahoma Gardening School showcases local and national experts in gardening, plant selection, and garden design.  Their illustrated talks and Q&A discussions help participants learn how to create and maintain more sustainable gardens in Oklahoma.

The 2019 Gardening School theme is Growing Beautiful, Successful and Low-Maintenance Herb Gardens.  Speakers will inspire as they demonstrate how to grow purposeful herb gardens through adaptive designs, proper plant selection, and precise cultivation and maintenance practices to produce the finest aromatic, culinary, and therapeutic benefits for a healthier and more bountiful gardening experience.


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