Myriad Gardens Announces Arrival of Carousel from former Crossroads Mall

September Opening Anticipated at Pavilion

Myriad Botanical Gardens announces the arrival of the carousel from the former Crossroads Mall in September. The carousel will be located in the Pavilion next to the popular Children’s Garden and Thunder Fountain.

The carousel will include everything from its previous location excluding the blue and white canopy top. It will be reassembled with its lighting and mirrors, 30 seats that include an array of animals and a bench for riders with disabilities.

The carousel connection came from The Oklahoman reporter Steve Lackmeyer who was in contact with Crossroads Mall owners Michael Dillard and Roddy Bates.

“Steve called to let me know the owners of the Crossroads Mall had a vintage carousel that might be available for a new community site now that the mall had closed,” said Maureen Heffernan, Executive Director, Myriad Botanical Gardens. “He suggested the Gardens consider trying to obtain it for placement near the children’s garden area.

“I was thrilled by this possibility and got in touch with the owners’ to let them know we would love to be considered. The fact that the owners have fully donated the carousel is unbelievably generous. We are so very appreciative of Roddy and Michael donating such a special artifact to the Gardens.”

In the past, the Gardens hosted an outdoor carousel for families to enjoy during the holiday Winter Shoppes provided by Prodigal for three years and one season was underwritten by Devon Energy, which was very popular with thousands of children.

Heffernan said the carousel charge will likely be $2 with proceeds going toward programming at the Gardens. Hours of operation will be determined at a later date.