Hot Chocolate Cocoa 
“I do these classes with my granddaughter. We LOVE these classes!! Every class far exceeds expectations. We love coming here: We learn, we play, we create!! We always leave with a new appreciation for SOMETHING!” –Linda Collado

Evening Bug Hunt 

“It was GREAT! I loved Lily’s enthusiasm. She interacted wonderfully with the children!”

Sprouting Chefs: Holiday Gifts in a Jar

“Great class! Well organized and fun! Girls loved it! Got more than we paid for!” –Toni Jackson


Little Saplings

Join us in the Children’s Garden for an hour of songs, games, and interactive nature fun. Toddlers (and parents!) will get to learn about the exciting world of gardens in an engaging and educational way. Each week features a new theme with corresponding activities and learning opportunities. Every Little Saplings event begins with a song, ends with a sensory bin, and includes a hands-on craft.

Sprouting Chefs: Berry Pizzelles

  • Saturday, April 13, 10-11:30am
  • The Garden Classroom
  • Member $15; Nonmember $17
  • Toni Washington, Edmond Mobile Meals
  • Best for ages 8 to 11
  • Register by Tuesday, April 9 

Pizzelles are a traditional Italian waffle cookie that can be used in all sorts of ways, not just as cookies! Learn how to make this tasty and beautiful treat and how to dress it up into a snack. We’ll create our pizzelles, decorate them with berries and other healthy toppings as we discuss springtime fruit.

Revenge of the Plants! All about Carnivorous Plants

  • Wednesday, April 17, 6-7pm
  • The Garden Classroom
  • Member $12; Nonmember $15
  • Best for ages 8 to 11
  • Register by Wednesday, April 10 

Learn about some of the wackiest vegetation in the world – carnivorous plants! Kids will learn how these meat-eating plants work, why they eat meat and how to keep them alive. We’ll make a fun craft to turn out own hands into Venus flytraps and each child will take a small carnivorous plant home.

Family Workshop: Microworlds

  • Saturday, April 27, 10-11:30am
  • The Garden Classroom
  • Member $6; Nonmember $8
  • Molly Yunker and Stacey Evans, Oklahoma Geological Survey
  • Best for ages 8 to 11
  • Register by Tuesday, April 23 o

We’ll explore the hidden parts of soil in this class as we dive into the microscopic world of nature. We’ll examine all kinds of natural objects under microscopes and play guessing games to figure out what we are looking at, then learn about the tiny components that make up soil. We’ll end by potting up our own seeds in a mini planter to take home so we can continue to explore tiny worlds.

Gardening with Worms

  • Saturday, April 27, 1-2 pm
  • Children’s Garden Porch
  • Member $7; Nonmember $9
  • Best for ages 6 to 10
  • Register by Tuesday, April 23 

Did you know that worms can help your compost pile thrive and become rich in nutrients? Come and learn the recipe for excellent compost through the science of vermiculture- and be ready to get a little dirty! We will observe the compost bins in the Children’s Garden through a hands-on lesson and learn about what we should and should not add to make our compost healthy and safe to use. Participants will also get to create their very own “worm hotel,” complete with worms, to take home.