Susan Morrison-Dyke with Anthony Dyke

Inspirations from Nature: Paintings by Anthony Dyke and Susan Morrison-Dyke

Anthony Dyke and Susan Morrison-Dyke, both accomplished artists in the Oklahoma City metro area have created an exhibition of paintings inspired by nature to be featured at the Myriad Gardens’ re-opening of its visitor center. The exhibition consists of large canvases created specifically as a celebratory tribute to the “beauty and inventiveness” of “nature and architecture”. The artist’s abstract paintings share a common thread by the use of textures and colorful botanical elements based on flower colorways and landscapes often confined within architectural parameters in the paintings. The artists’ love for the physical act of painting invites the viewer to simply enjoy the rich qualities of paint and celebration of nature’s impact on artistic creativity.

Anthony Dyke is a painter who draws inspiration from nature, interior spaces and his urban surroundings. He manipulates images that are often reduced to shapes and areas of color through an intuitive process that leads his works to a richly textured and painterly abstraction.

Susan Morrison-Dyke finds inspiration in the spiritual geometry of ancient art, the reductive design, and abstraction of mid-century modern and the fresh inventiveness of cubism. She is an accomplished colorist, using color to create spatial ambiguities while constructing her paintings with figurative, architectural and organic elements.


Permanent Sculpture

MBG muskrats

Sculpture Addition to the Children’s Garden

Thanks to a signature grant from the Fred Jones Family Foundation, the Myriad Botanical Gardens is delighted to announce that the commission of a charming “Prairie Dog” sculpture from renowned artist, Nancy Schȯȯn.  Look for this latest public art addition to the Children’s Garden.


Don Narcomey Storytelling chair

Story Teller Chair

Thanks to a generous gift from Gail and Bill Beals, local Oklahoma artist Don Narcomy has created a one-of-a-kind kind mystical throne that will sure to bring delight to children and families for many years of storytelling and reading in the Children’s Garden.


mbg gold fish

Gold Fish Sculpture

Located on the east side of the Crystal Bridge.

 “Gateway” Sculpture

Artist Hans Van de Bovenkamp created the 14-foot red abstract sculpture as a means to connect the organic forms of nature with urban architecture and the environment.  You can find this sculpture on the northwest corner of the Gardens.