Myriad Botanical Gardens Announces New Art Installation, Love and Harmony Oklahoma

Cultural Diversity and the Importance of Unity Focus of Loaned Exhibit

A unique art installation – Love & Harmony Oklahoma – will be on display in the Visitor Center of the Crystal Bridge at Myriad Botanical Gardens beginning May 1. Dedicated to the citizens of Oklahoma, Love & Harmony celebrates the ethnic diversity and beauty of cultural differences. The exhibit is a message of hope and resilience through the expression of photography, mural paintings, messages and sound.

Central to Love & Harmony are two large-scale murals. “Instilled Dream” was created by four Tulsa artists, each from different cultural backgrounds and creative spaces, who came together during a 10-day period to make a statement of what unity and race looks like, while “Golden Reciprocal” was painted by Alexander Tamahn.

Woven into the exhibit are inspirational narratives from Tulsa community leaders, lending their voices in sharing their perspectives of what “love and harmony” truly means.

This art installation will provide Oklahomans with a thoughtful reminder of the common bond as one state, one people and one human race.

The exhibit was curated by Tulsa’s Gathering Place and is on loan to the Gardens. It is free for viewing through July 31. 

Visitor Center hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed on Mondays.


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Permanent Sculpture

MBG muskrats

Sculpture Addition to the Children’s Garden

“Friendship” Sculpture: Well-known Boston artist, Nancy Schön, has captured the true nature of friendship in this bronze sculpture of two prairie dogs on display in the Children’s Garden.

Don Narcomey Storytelling chair

Story Teller Chair

“Storyteller’s Chair” Sculpture: Oklahoma City artist, Don Narcomey, created this Sculpture with bois d’ arc wood (Osage Orange), an extremely hard and decay-resistant wood used in the past for fence posts and bows to shoot arrows. It is a magical addition to storytime in the Children’s Garden.

mbg gold fish

Gold Fish Sculpture

“Goldfish” Sculpture: This Texas Cream Limestone sculpture measuring approximately 18” x 4’ x 5’ 10” displayed on the lake level is a Fancy Tail Goldfish. This sculpture was created by Oklahoma City artist, Kendall Howerton.

 “Gateway” Sculpture

“Gateway” Sculpture: Artist Hans Van de Bovenkamp created the 14-foot red abstract sculpture as a means to connect the organic forms of nature with urban architecture and the environment. You can find this sculpture in the northwest corner of the Gardens.