Against the Grain: Furniture Works of Art by Marking Tree Design and Glass Art from Fusion Glass

Exhibit run: March 14 to April 28, 2019

Zach True Hammack is an Oklahoma artist whose upbringing centered on a family-owned lumber business in Oklahoma City called Arrowhead Lumber. Building on Hammack’s love for art and design, in addition to a passion for their family’s Native American heritage, he began Marking Tree Design gradually over three years.

A “marking tree” is a form of technology, like arrowheads, created by American Indians. The sapling of a tree is formed by tying down the top of the tree causing the tree trunk as it aged to grow horizontal instead of vertical. These trees were used to point to trails and water sources and would last as a part of the landscape for future generations guiding them to safe passage or water in unknown territory.

This use of nature, without misusing or causing harm, is a recurring theme throughout Native American folklore and is something reflected in Marking Tree Design’s work. Salvaging and reclaiming wood to use in furniture and through sales not only adds aesthetic value to Marking Tree’s products but also lends tradition and backstory to every piece that is created and sold.

The studio is located in the newly developed West Penn District (1615 North Portland) in Oklahoma City. Clients include both residential and commercial. Hammack’s work is a permanent part of the Visitor Center, which was renovated and reopened in November 2018. Those pieces include the counter to the guest services desks, benches, and tables.

Glassworks on exhibit have been created by Art Fusion, located in the Plaza District, owned by Tracey and Rick Bewley. 


The Love of Color: Featuring Paintings by Nancy Jukin

Exhibit run: March 14 to April 28, 2019

Nancy Junkin was born and raised in Ponca City, Oklahoma. As a child, she loved art instruction and would spend hours painting with oils and creating abstract designs. After graduating from The University of Oklahoma in 1970 with a BA in English, Nancy taught first grade in Noble, Oklahoma then left the state to live in Texas for 12 years. Upon returning, Nancy moved to Edmond, Oklahoma. After her children were grown, along with working as an investment consultant, Nancy pursued her interest in and love of art by taking classes at the University of Central Oklahoma toward an M.F.A. She left graduate school to work with an interior design firm, enhancing her eye for design and color. During that time, Nancy continued drawing and painting and has been actively painting and showing for over 15 years. Currently, Nancy lives in Oklahoma City and works with oil and acrylic paints, occasionally incorporating mixed media.

The Love of Color by Nancy Junkin is presented by The Howell Gallery, located at 6432 N. Western Avenue. Howell Gallery represents over 50 nationally and regionally recognized artists together with new emerging artists. Visit our website at


Permanent Sculpture

MBG muskrats

Sculpture Addition to the Children’s Garden

Thanks to a signature grant from the Fred Jones Family Foundation, the Myriad Botanical Gardens is delighted to announce that the commission of a charming “Prairie Dog” sculpture from renowned artist, Nancy Schȯȯn.  Look for this latest public art addition to the Children’s Garden.


Don Narcomey Storytelling chair

Story Teller Chair

Thanks to a generous gift from Gail and Bill Beals, local Oklahoma artist Don Narcomy has created a one-of-a-kind kind mystical throne that will sure to bring delight to children and families for many years of storytelling and reading in the Children’s Garden.


mbg gold fish

Gold Fish Sculpture

Located on the east side of the Crystal Bridge.

 “Gateway” Sculpture

Artist Hans Van de Bovenkamp created the 14-foot red abstract sculpture as a means to connect the organic forms of nature with urban architecture and the environment.  You can find this sculpture on the northwest corner of the Gardens.