Our annual tree sale, Tree for All, took place on Saturday, November 6, 2021. Thanks to everyone who purchased a tree or two or three!  This program is designed to assist homeowners as they promote natural beautification and improvement of the environment through the planting of trees. Our goal is to diversify the green canopy in Oklahoma and ensure a sustainable and biodiverse landscape.

This year’s tree offerings were the Pond Cypress, Sawtooth Oak, Bald Cypress, Redbud, Blackgum, Shoals Creek Chaste Tree, and Nellie R. Stevens Holly. All trees do well in Oklahoma and will provide interesting and wonderful color.

Below is tree’s photo you will find a link with resources for tree planting and tree care in Oklahoma. 



Tree Planting and Maintenance Tips

By Nate Tschaenn


  1. Check with local utilities before planting.
  2. Plant small trees (30 feet tall or less) at least 10 feet from your home’s foundation and utility lines and plant large trees (30 to 70 feet) at least 15 feet away.
  3. Dig your hole at least twice as wide and only just as deep as the root ball.
  4. Make sure that the root flair of the tree, or where the roots start to emerge horizontally from the trunk of the tree, is level with the native soil. The root flair can sometimes be several inches below the soil in the trees pot. This excess soil can be either scrapped away or the tree can be planted slightly higher.
  5. Backfill hole with native soil. Amending backfill with compost provides little help in most soils and can even harm tree growth in the long run.


  1. Water new tree well and continue to keep soil moist for several months.
  2. Keeping a newly planted tree well-watered through its first summer is especially important. You can then reduce watering to deep soaks during periods of drought.
  3. Stake new trees loosely so they can move in the wind but not blow over or uproot. Trees that can bend and flex in the wind will develop stronger trunks.
  4. Mulch around trees and remove any turf up to the dripline or edge of the tree branches growth around the tree. Use 2-3 inched of a pine bark or shredded hardwood mulch.
  5. Don’t prune newly planted trees. Don’t prune or limb up branches coming from the trunk until they are at least one half inch in diameter to maximize the tree trunks growth.
  6. You can fertilize your tree after one year. Don’t fertilize after planting as it can harm the tree. Newly planted trees need to focus on root growth and not foliar growth.

“We absolutely love the trees we purchased a few years ago at the annual Tree For All event. Thank you to Cox Communications and the Myriad Botanical Gardens for putting on such an amazing event. These hardy trees have braved the wild Oklahoma ice storms and freezes. It feels good knowing we are making a difference in the environment all while beautifying our yard!”

-William and Jenni Choi, Edmond, Oklahoma