Botanical Broadcast: Citizen Science Pollinator Count

Botanical Broadcast: Citizen Science Pollinator Count

Citizen Science Pollinator Count

Researchers at the Great Sunflower Project are collecting information on pollinators around the country, and they need your help! Can you be a pollinator scientist in your own backyard?

What you need:

A clipboard with a blank sheet of paper, and a pencil Optional: a camera, binoculars, crayons

Step 1

  • Choose a flowering plant in your neighborhood that you are able to spend at least 5 minutes observing. Record its name, the date, and the time of your observation period.

Step 2

  • Collect data! Count each pollinator that you see visit the flowers. You can do this as a tally, a series of photos, or drawings! Do your best to identify what type of pollinator it is. Be as specific as you can! (Example: Carpenter Bee or Honey Bee?

Hover Fly? Cucumber Beetle?

Step 3

More great pollinator-supporting resources at

Set the mood for spectacular science!

Listen to tunes inspired by your favorite pollinators!