Botanic Broadcast – Week 2 Rainforests – Activity

Botanic Broadcast – Week 2 Rainforests – Activity

Layers of the Rainforest

Did you know the rainforest has four layers, like a 4-floor building? Each layer has different characteristics and thus different plants and animals that live there. Read below and check out the graphic to learn a bit more about each rainforest layer.

 The bottom layer is the Forest Floor

  • Receives almost no sunlight – very dark
  • Very few plants grow here
  • Covered in a thin layer of decaying material

The second layer is the Understory

  • Plants have large leaves that help them catch sunlight
  • Humid – hot and wet

The third layer is the Canopy

  • Thick layer of treetops, vines, branches and leaves
  • Treetops of 80 feet off the ground
  • Catches most of the rain
  • A great amount of sunlight

The top layer is the Emergent

  • Treetops can grow to over 200 feet!
  • Strong winds
  • A great amount of sunlight

Rainforest Charades

 Play a game of Rainforest Charades with the online cards on the Quizlet link here

 The Quizlet cards have the name of the animal on the front and clues on the back, along with a picture of the animal! Click the cards to switch between the name and clues. When you’re ready for your next card, click the right arrow on the bottom. Make sure your audience can’t see the screen with the cards!


  1. Choose a parent or player to be the clue Reader, and another player to be the Actor.
  2. The Reader and the Actor take a look at the card together and decide how best to act out the animal.
  3. When you are ready to begin, have the Actor start their movements.
  4. The Reader will slowly read each clue out loud and offer opportunities for the observing players to shout out guesses.
  5. Keep going until the animal is guessed correctly!
  6. Be sure to read ALL the clues, even if the animal is guessed right away. There may be some fun facts you’ve never heard before!
  7. After the animal has been correctly identified, check out the last line of the card to see what rainforest layer it lives in. Why do you think the animal lives there?

 Discussion questions:

  • Which layers have the most animals?
  • Why do you think those layers are so popular?
  • Do you live close to the rainforest?
  • Even if you live far away from the rainforest, why should you care about the rainforest?
  • Here are a few reasons we care about the rainforest. Can you think of any other ones?
    • The rainforest provides a home for so many animals, insects, and plants.
    • The plants in the rainforest give off a lot of oxygen that helps provide healthy air all over the world.
    • We get many products from the rainforest. Here are just a few:
      • Fruit like banana, coconut, star fruit
      • Spices like cinnamon, allspice, black pepper
      • Other food products like chewing gum, Coca Cola, perfume, chocolate
      • Medicine
      • materials like rubber, rope, paper

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