Commit to adopting an area of the Gardens and to sending out a group for three hours monthly or bi-weekly (depending on the area) for one year to weed, mulch, pick up trash, and assist the horticulture staff in maintenance of the area. *Receive a private tour of the grounds to select your adopted area.


  • A plaque with your company’s name in the area
  • Mention of your company during every outdoor guided tour
  • Corporate membership to the Myriad Gardens
  • One 20% off coupon for one corporate event at our facility



*Pumpkinville is the Myriad Gardens annual Fall Festival. Nearly 30,000 visitors explore the charming fall pumpkin and floral displays as well as enjoy lots of fun, hands-on activities, entertainment and special treats. In addition to thousands of pumpkins, we have hay bale displays, scarecrows, ghosts, colorful fall flowers, gourds and a variety of engaging and interactive children’s activities.

*Commit to make your corporation the volunteer sponsor of a day of the festival. Fill the day of volunteer shifts (27 people split into 3 shifts of 9 people or 9 people for the entire day) The deadline for 2017 is August 31, 2017.


  • Parking passes for all volunteers 
  • Two free tickets to the festival for each volunteer
  • One 20% off coupon toward a corporate event at our facility
  • Promotional signage which will be seen for the entire event



*Each year the Myriad Garden’s brings a children’s book to life in our Children’s Garden for 10 days. Books have included the Very Hungry Caterpillar, Charlotte’s Web, and The Jungle Book. Join us in 2018 for our TBD annual festival.

*Similar to Pumpkinville, commit to make your corporation the volunteer sponsor of a day of the festival.

Benefits are the same as Pumpkinville.

Deadline for the 2018 Children’s Garden Festival is April 20, 2017



Megan Brown for more information or to schedule a single volunteer day with our horticulture staff.  or call (405) 445-7087