Submit Name for MAPS 3 Park

Submit Name for MAPS 3 Park

The future MAPS 3 Park will be a community cornerstone for generations, and you could be the person who comes up with the name.

Mayor Mick Cornett is asking Oklahoma City residents to submit their best ideas to name the MAPS 3 Park, which will transform 70 acres of downtown Oklahoma City into the most ambitious park project in state history. Mayor Cornett made the announcement in a video released Tuesday.

“The new park will be a place people will meet to enjoy the trails and water features, gather for concerts and events, spend time with their children, family and friends in a natural setting in the heart of a thriving city,” Mayor Cornett said. “We’re counting on you to come up with a name that captures all that.”

A foundation fashioned after the Myriad Gardens Foundation is to manage the park in a partnership with the city.

Visit to submit a name. The only rule is the park can’t be named after a person.

For more information on the new MAPS 3 park visit here.