Have your dream wedding in the Myriad Gardens! You have several options to choose from. Below are all the details you will need to know. Contact our team for available dates! Download the information packet here!


Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory

Evening Weddings

Thousands of lush tropical flowers, palm trees and the sounds of a waterfall, create a uniquely beautiful, memorable and romantic backdrop for your ceremony and reception inside Oklahoma City’s iconic landmark, the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory. For anyone wanting an outdoor garden wedding setting without the wind or weather worries, the conservatory is the perfect year-round wedding location.

  • Seated Ceremony 100
  • Seated Dinner 120
  • Standing 250-400


  • Sunday-Thursday rate: $500 per hour/4 hour minimum rental
  • Friday-Saturday rate: $600 per hour/4 hour minimum rental


Myriad Events Center 3

Park House Events Center

Daytime & Evening Weddings

With beautifully landscaped acres of formal and natural gardens, the Myriad Botanical Gardens offers you a choice of so many striking places to gather for your next happening which now includes the stunning Events Center. With its natural light and striking panoramic views of the Gardens, breathtaking sunsets and nighttime glow of the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory, the Events Center will make your next gathering a truly special occasion. Perfect for corporate events, weddings, wedding receptions, networking events, birthday celebrations and more.

  • Seated Ceremony 120
  • Seated Dinner 120
  • Standing 200

Park House Event Center 

  • $500 per hour/4 hour minimum (Sun-Thur)
  • $600 per hour/4 hour minimum (Fri & Sat)

Cocktail Party

  • $250 per hour/2 hour minimum (Sun-Thur)
  • $300 per hour/2 hour minimum (Fri & Sat)

Wedding + Reception Package

  • $2,500 includes 2 hour (Sun-Thur)
  • $3,200 includes 2 hour ceremony+ 4 hour reception ceremony+ 4 hour reception (Fri & Sat)

Room Flip*

  • $300 (ask for additional details) $300 (ask for additional details)



Meinders Garden Terrace

Daytime & Evening Weddings

One of the most beautiful garden settings for an outdoor ceremony or reception is the elegant Meinders’ Garden Terrace. Designed especially for weddings, the space features a processional, curving stone path lined by flowering crepe myrtle trees, grasses and flowers. The path leads to an intimate terrace area enclosed by stone walls and shaded by trees with 360 degree views of the gardens and lake. A gorgeous, granite, boulder water feature sits at the back of the space with a stone path that leads to a trellis which creates a perfect picture frame for I do’s and wedding party photographs.

  • Seated Ceremony 150
  • Seated Dinner 80
  • Standing 250-300

$350 per hour/2 hour minimum (Sun-Thur)
$500 per hour/2 hour minimum (Fri & Sat)



Great Lawn & Bandshell

Daytime & Evening Weddings

The Gardens’ largest outdoor and most versatile venue includes a grand, nearly one-acre lawn ringed by ornamental trees and a manicured landscape. A raised stage with an arching, sculpture-like bandshell anchors the top of the Great Lawn area. In the evening, the bandshell’s LED lighting can be customized to fit your desired color theme. For most events on the Great Lawn, we can even coordinate the color of the Crystal Bridge’s special lighting effects to make your wedding unique. The soft lush lawn is perfect for wedding parties to doff their shoes and dance the night away under the stars. Beautiful sunsets are included in all evening events.

  • Seated Ceremony 500+
  • Seated Dinner 500+
  • Standing 1,000+

$500 per hour/2 hour minimum



Dean A. McGee Center

Daytime & Evening Weddings

A contemporary, light-filled space located in the lower level of our Crystal Bridge complex, the Dean A. McGee Center has beautiful views of the Gardens’ lake, sloped ornamental gardens and the dozens of swimming ducks that call the lake home. With an adjoining kitchen for caterers, the space can be used as one large room or divided depending upon the size of the ceremony or reception. With its modern architectural design featuring floating, cloud-like structures in the ceiling and brushed aluminum wall pieces, this space can be transformed into any style and is ideal for all seasons.

  • Terrace Room
    • Ceremony 200
    • Dinner 120
    • Standing 300-400
  • Water Plaza Room
    • Ceremony N/A
    • Water Plaza Room
    • Dinner 160
    • Combined Room Dinner 300

Dean A. McGee Center: $600 per hour/2 hour minimum, $400 per hour each additional hour 
Terrace Room: $300 per hour/2 hour minimum, $200 per hour each additional hour
Water Plaza Room: $300 per hour/2 hour minimum, $200 per hour each additional hour



Water Stage & Plaza

Daytime & Evening Weddings

Take center stage to say your vows with your audience of family and friends. Our outdoor amphitheater’s stage seemingly floats on the lake and your guests will enjoy wonderful views of our lakeside gardens and the many swimming ducks and geese. In almost any season, this location is stunning; from dazzling bulb displays in the spring, to glorious perennial flower color in the summer to rich fall foliage in autumn, the Water Stage is a dramatic and a one-of-a kind setting.

  • Seated Ceremony 400
  • Seated Dinners N/A
  • Standing 500+

$500 per hour/2 hour minimum



Garden Pavilion

Daytime & Evening Weddings

Weddings in the covered Garden Pavilion, located on the west side of the Gardens, eliminates the worry of rain or the need to rent a tent for your outdoor wedding. With beautiful garden and lake views, the fresh, modern-style Garden Pavilion is a neutral and flexible canvas that can be easily transformed to fit any wedding style or theme. For summer weddings, the nearby Thunder Fountain can provide a playful way for your guests to cool off in its water mists.

  • Seated Ceremony 200
  • Seated Dinner 100
  • Standing 300

$350 per hour/2 hour minimum


2012 MBG RENTALS Weddings (3)

East Lower Lake

Daytime & Evening Weddings

The East Lower Lake is the stand-out location for any bride wanting to be surrounded by gardens and nature. It is accessed by taking a small stroll down the walkways from the upper level. This area’s highlights are a gorgeous waterfall framed by ornamental gardens and a magnificent stone-terraced hillside, both very beautiful sites for wedding party photographs. This location has it all. From a simple standing ceremony, to a traditional aisle setup, the East Lower Lake provides an elegant and naturally beautiful setting for your wedding day. Ducks, geese, birds and butterflies are included at no extra fee!

  • Seated Ceremony 200
  • Seated Dinner N/A
  • Standing 350

$250 per hour/1 hour minimum


Arena Plaza

Daytime & Evening Weddings

Our Arena Plaza and its main walkway is the main entrance into the Gardens from its southeast corner which is across from the Chesapeake Arena. The area features a gravel plaza with trees planted in a classic European style pattern. In the evening, the walkway lights up with dozens of colorful embedded lights that dance the length of this main walkway. This area makes a lovely site for wedding ceremonies or outdoor receptions with tables set under and around the tree groves. It makes an especially convenient outdoor ceremony area for guests to then walk just steps to the Park House Event Center for the reception.

  • Seated Ceremony 500+
  • Seated Dinner 200+
  • Standing 1,000+

$250 per hour/1 hour minimum



Sheridan Lawn

Daytime & Evening Weddings

The Sheridan Lawn is an ideal place for smaller, intimate weddings and cocktail parties. The square lawn is framed by evenly spaced trees, perennial plantings and benches. The space is flexible with many options for setup details. The lawn offers lovely views of the adjacent Great Lawn and Band Shell and has beautiful ‘borrowed’ views of Devon Tower’s elegant landscape directly across the street.

  • Seated Ceremony 200
  • Seated Dinner 150
  • Standing 400

$250 per hour/1 hour minimum


Speilman wedding

Impromptu Weddings

Daytime & Evening Weddings

Impromptu wedding ceremonies are allowed in specific locations on our outdoor grounds. They may consist of up to 20 guests and must take place in 30 minutes or less. No chairs, setup or decorations are permitted with impromptu ceremonies. A special permit is required to hold an impromptu ceremony on our outdoor grounds.

  • Seated Ceremony N/A
  • Seated Dinner N/A
  • Standing 20

$150 for 30 minutes




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