The Myriad Botanical Gardens is host to several public events. You may have attended an event or two or three! Some events have included the Arts Council of Oklahoma City’s Festival of the Arts, deadCENTER Film Festival, Race for the Cure, Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park and Opening Night. Prices begin at $1,500 and will vary depending on size. 

To book your public event, contact 

Jessica Rahill
Event Rental Coordinator
(405) 200-1547

Chelsea Wilson
Facility Operations & Rental Manager
(405) 445-7092


Catering options 

Holloway Restaurant Group is our official on-site caterers. We ask our customers to contact and utilize them first. 

Holloway Restaurant Group
Phone:    (405) 202-5306
Contact: Julie K Monroe, Group Catering Director

Aunt Pittypat’s Catering
Maggie M. Howell-Owner
(405) 942.4000

The Prairie Gypsies
(405) 525.3013 or 1-877-647-0247

Running Wild Catering
Debbie Lowery-Owner and Director
Formerly Johnnie’s catering
(405) 751-0688