Prank Turns Myriad Botanical Gardens Lake Green, Will Cost Thousands to Clean Up, Public’s Help Requested

Myriad Botanical Gardens needs the public’s help in learning who vandalized the Lake and Boulder Fountain overnight by dyeing the waters green with an unknown substance that may be harmful to the wildlife that call them home.

“At first this seems like a harmless prank, but the ramifications are serious and costly,” said Myriad Gardens Executive Director Maureen Heffernan. “The concrete around the water is stained, our ducks’ feathers are stained, and we don’t know what this dye is or whether it’s toxic to our animals.”

MBG greening 1

Gardens Director of Facilities Matt Maly said the police have been called and that he estimates a $5,000 to $10,000 cleanup bill. The Gardens is operated by a non-profit foundation with a tight budget, so cleanup will be a significant financial undertaking.

Vandals may not have realized that most of the water features at the Gardens are connected. What may have started in the Boulder Fountain has now spread to the Lake and other water features.

The chemical composition of the dye, and how harmful it could potentially be to wildlife, is at this point unknown.

Myriad Botanical Gardens seeks the public’s help in solving this crime.