PITCHFORK IN THE PARK: New Myriad Gardens cafe operator announced

PITCHFORK IN THE PARK: New Myriad Gardens cafe operator announced

Via Steve Lackemeyer, The Oklahoman

Pitchfork in the Park at the Ice House to open at Myriad Gardens

A couple whose families have farmed Oklahoma since the land runs of the 1890s is set to open a new cafe at the Myriad Gardens as they expand from a food truck they started less than two years ago.

Jacob and Andra Conger are relative newcomers to the food truck scene, having started up their Pitchfork Kitchen & Bakery in September 2015. But in that short time, the couple drew a loyal following with an array of local menu items including cinnamon rolls, unique sandwich offerings and old family recipes.

Hunter Wheat, owner of the city’s leading food truck park, Bleu Garten, ranks Pitchfork among the top three operators among 76 that visited last season in terms of popularity.

“There isn’t a truck that does better than Pitchfork,” Wheat said. “They’ve got a good system. They serve a lot of food, they do it fast, and it’s great. And they’re creative — they have a bacon chocolate chip cookie that is out of this world.”

The same buzz caught the interest of Maureen Heffernan, director of the Myriad Gardens Foundation, as she sought a new operator to take over at the former Ice House cafe operated by Peter Holloway. After initially being branded as an extension of the legendary Nic’s Grill, the Ice House in later years went without that association and the agreement with the foundation ended last fall.

Heffernan wanted an operator who knew how to work with a seasonal business and understood the ebb and flow of event-driven business downtown. She contacted Pitchfork early in the solicitation for a new operator.

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