Myriad Botanical Gardens Launches Online Fall Plant and Bulb Sale

A Win for Gardeners and Great for the GardensRed Devon Daffodil

Fall bedding plants and bulbs are available to metro gardeners in a new, convenient way. The Myriad Botanical Gardens has launched its first online plant sale just in time for adding some fall color to your flower beds!

It’s easy to use. Visit the Myriad Gardens Store, where you’ll select and pay for your plants online, then pick them up at the Gardens on Oct. 12. Easy as pie.  Orders must be placed by Sept. 20.

Director of Horticulture Casey Sharber has selected plant varieties that will brighten your beds, and a portion of the purchase price benefits the Gardens.

Pansy varieties include deep blue blotch, mix blotch, Ocean, red blotch, white blotch, yellow blotch, crown yellow. Violas will be available in sorbet mix.  Mums varieties include bronze daisy, yellow daisy, white, red, yellow and pink. We’ve got kale in Chidori red, Chidori white, peacock red, peacock white and Redbor. Cabbage is available in purple or white. Pansies are $18 per 18 count flat. Mums, cabbage and kale are $7 per 8” plant. You can also buy 2-gallon mums for $10 each.

If you’re a tulip lover, and who isn’t, you can choose from varieties in red, yellow, pink, orange, white or pink and white.  Varieties are Apeldoorn, Golden Apeldoorn, Pink Impression, Orange Queen, Don Quichotte, Ollioules and Maureen. Tulip bulbs are $15 for 25 bulbs; $28 for 50 bulbs and $50 for 100 bulbs.

Daffodils are available in Tahiti (double yellow with orange); Red Devon (single yellow with orange cup); and Unsurpassable (single yellow). They can also be bought as a mix. Daffodil bulbs are $15 for 25 bulbs; $28 for 50 bulbs and $50 for 100 bulbs.

Hyacinths are available in blue, white, pink or mixed and are $12 for 10 bulbs or $25 for 25 bulbs.


The Myriad Botanical Gardens is one of Oklahoma City’s most beloved public spaces, offering its visitors a 17 acre natural escape in the very heart of downtown. A half-acre children’s garden, an off-leash dog park, restaurant space, splash fountains, and paths for walking and jogging provide guests young and old with a place to seek solitude with nature, or seek community and the company of others. Additionally, the Myriad Gardens offers a variety of horticultural education programs for adults and children.

The Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory’s unique design has earned attention and praise in the architectural community. It is 224 feet long, 70 feet in diameter, and is covered by 3,028 sections of translucent, double-layered acrylic panels. The Conservatory includes 13,000 square feet of plant display area in two distinct climates: the Tropical Wet Zone, which is at the south end and is watered daily; and the Tropical Dry Zone at the north end which receives water from April through September, followed by drought from November through March. Some 2,000 varieties of plants and a 35-foot waterfall round out the spectacular features of the Conservatory.