Member Profile: Steven & Zheila Dennis


From romantic dates to the proposal and the wedding, to yoga Tuesdays, the Gardens is truly Steven and Zhelia’s happy place!

Steven & Zheila Dennis both grew up in Oklahoma City. As young professionals, they now work downtown and have been members of Myriad Gardens since 2014. After Yoga in the Gardens on a Tuesday evening, we had a picnic on the Great Lawn where the couple told me about their experience with the Gardens.

How did you decide to become a member?

“It seemed like a natural next step to become members of the Gardens, as we spent so much of our free time here, enjoying the different events, and especially the Devon Ice Skating. We were married in the Gardens and we visited so often, it just made sense to become members”.

What was it that made you decide to be married at the Gardens?

“This place has been our favorite for years. During one date night, we walked around visiting all the places we liked to go in downtown. The last place was the water stage at the Myriad Gardens. Steven proposed to me there, and we were determined after that, we HAD to get married in that same place. We loved the look of a garden wedding while still having a city vibe. It was great to be in the middle of the city and outdoors while still capturing the cozy and intimate setting we had hoped for.”

What are some of your favorite programs and events at the Gardens?

“We love the fitness and active events a lot; but we also LOVE the Sonic Summer Movie Nights. This is a great place to bring family. We take out-of-town guests to the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory, and we take our young nephew to Pumpkinville & other children’s events.

How often are you able to use your Myriad Gardens Membership?

We probably use our membership about one-to-three times per week. We keep up with what is going on via social media as well as this newsletter. We try to make sure we are getting the most out of our membership!

Which membership benefit do you take advantage of the most?

Definitely the free yoga on Tuesdays!


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