‘Jardin do Amor/Garden of Love’
Works by Skip Hill

  • Exhibition extended through June
  • South Lobby, Crystal Bridge
  • FREE to the public during Crystal Bridge hours: 
    • Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm; Sunday, 11am-5pm
  • Proceeds from art sales benefit the Myriad Gardens Foundation

Skip Hill creates color rich and lyrical art exuding moods of epicurean delights in a mélange of sensual and sensory experience. Some of the most captivating parts of his mixed-media drawings are in their peripheral details – Tattoo expressive patterning, looping graphic lines, kinetic scribbling, Kanji calligraphy and African motifs. Like a shaman, Hill communicates freely between two worlds, between dream and reality, and manages to artfully coordinate his fantasy with his hand.

To learn more about Skip Hill, visit his website.

Artist’s statement

“The art in this exhibition at the Myriad Gardens like much of my artwork over the last several years has been informed aesthetically by my travels experiencing the diversity and colors of Brazil. In these paintings I’ve mined Brazil’s contrasts of old and new, the eclectic blend of ethnicities with origins in Africa, Asia and Europe, as well as the rich, vibrant color and energy of daily life. These influences along with days spent among the exotic flora and fauna at the Botanical Gardens in Rio de Janeiro serve as a foundation, as an idealized environment to begin the dialogue, in paint and cut paper, of my conceptual thoughts on color, line, form, and the politics of Love.”


Permanent Sculpture

MBG muskrats

Sculpture Addition to the Children’s Garden

Thanks to a signature grant from the Fred Jones Family Foundation, the Myriad Botanical Gardens is delighted to announce that the commission of a charming “Prairie Dog” sculpture from renowned artist, Nancy Schȯȯn.  Look for this latest public art addition to the Children’s Garden.



Don Narcomey Storytelling chair

Story Teller Chair

Thanks to a generous gift from Gail and Bill Beals, local Oklahoma artist Don Narcomy has created a one-of-a-kind kind mystical throne that will sure to bring delight to children and families for many years of storytelling and reading in the Children’s Garden.



mbg gold fish

Gold Fish Sculpture

Located on the east side of the Crystal Bridge.



 “Gateway” Sculpture

Artist Hans Van de Bovenkamp created the 14-foot red abstract sculpture as a means to connect the organic forms of nature with urban architecture and the environment.  You can find this sculpture on the north west corner of the Gardens.



“Roots” by Don Narcomey

Roots was purchased as a permanent sculpture in the Myriad Gardens to commemorate the 25th anniversary.