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Art in the Gardens



  • Myriad Gardens Fine Art Series- The Nature of Life: Sculptures Don Narcomey
  • South Lobby, Crystal Bridge
  • Exhibit runs April 16 – May 28

Artist Don Narcomey, best known for his organic, sculptural forms and use of local and exotic wood, brings his new metal and mixed media pieces to the Gardens. All work is available for purchase and a portion of the proceeds benefit the Gardens. The exhibit is free to view during regular Crystal Bridge hours. Much of Narcomey’s art is for sale and a portion of the proceeds benefits the Gardens.


The Nature of Life: Sculptures by Don Narcomey

Don Narcomey

Artist Statement:

I have had a fascination with nature for as long as I can remember. I feel as if the earth and all of its composition have a great number of stories to tell. The wood from the trees, the rocks and minerals from the ground and the forces of wind, water, sun and earth together speak of our existence in this place at this time.

The dialogue that transpires between myself and the materials with which I work is enjoyable to me. I collect things from my environment that interest me – sometimes it is a chunk of wood or maybe a bent up piece of metal that has been laying outside for numerous years. Other times I may make a decision to unearth a dead tree root system and embark on an exploration of nature and time. Sometimes the dialogue begins immediately with these materials, other times it may be months or years before these things speak to me or before I am ready or able to listen.

It is important to me that I do listen to my materials at hand as they have had an existence long before I came along which becomes the given circumstance of the work. Whatever thing that has befallen them – possibly a limb cut off or partial decay in wood or a crumple or rust in a piece of metal – are things that I have to accept and make a decision to cut or carve away, repair and reinforce them or work with them as they are. Consequently, each time I do that establishes a new given or a new normal and the process continues as the work evolves.

In many cases I combine these elements so that the collective can express something that the individual cannot. I see this process much like the human experience as we all have our history and “stuff” that befalls us and we have to make decisions on how we deal with it and move forward, and as a result of our interaction with others and the melding of our personalities we can achieve something that is greater than ourselves alone.

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Permanent Sculpture

MBG muskrats

Sculpture Addition to the Children’s Garden

Thanks to a signature grant from the Fred Jones Family Foundation, the Myriad Botanical Gardens is delighted to announce that the commission of a charming “Prairie Dog” sculpture from renowned artist, Nancy Schȯȯn.  Look for this latest public art addition to the Children’s Garden.



Don Narcomey Storytelling chair

Story Teller Chair

Thanks to a generous gift from Gail and Bill Beals, local Oklahoma artist Don Narcomy has created a one-of-a-kind kind mystical throne that will sure to bring delight to children and families for many years of storytelling and reading in the Children’s Garden.



mbg gold fish

Gold Fish Sculpture

Located on the east side of the Crystal Bridge.



 “Gateway” Sculpture

Artist Hans Van de Bovenkamp created the 14-foot red abstract sculpture as a means to connect the organic forms of nature with urban architecture and the environment.  You can find this sculpture on the north west corner of the Gardens.



“Roots” by Don Narcomey

Roots was purchased as a permanent sculpture in the Myriad Gardens to commemorate the 25th anniversary.