Urban Herbs Workshops & Sale

“Thank you! I enjoyed the all-day workshops very much. I loved how relaxed and open the speakers were. The venue was great too!” – Felicia Kiplinger

“Loved it. Great time. The chef was amazing, loved her knowledge.”

“Excellent speakers.” –Irene Christian

“This was a wonderful workshop! My favorites were the instructional lunch (Delish!) and everything with Lori. She’s fantastic!” –Crystal Wherry

“So much fun! Enjoyed them all!”


Irrigation and Conservation School:

“Loved the practical garden tour at the end”

“Very professional” –John Duncan

“Well worth the trip. Practical information in a pleasant environment. I felt pampered.” –Tammy Dressler





Saturday June 24, 10:30am–Noon

Infused Honey Workshop

  • Terrace Room
  • Members $12; Nonmembers $15
  • Register by Tuesday, June 20
  • Sign-up here
Buzz in for a unique workshop experience that is sweet. Come prepared to learn about the amazing honeybee and how to infuse fresh herbs, spices and fruits into their golden nectar. Tastings will be conducted. Everyone will leave with their own four-ounce jar of scrumptious infused honey.

Saturday, July 8, 2 – 3pm

Garden Fresh Pesto Workshop 

  • Terrace Room
  • M $10; NM $15
  • Register by Monday, July 3

Fresh basil pesto is perfect to make in the summer when basil is fresh and abundant.  But you can also make delicious pestos from carrot tops, mints and other greens that are wonderful too.  In this workshop, we’ll harvest fresh herbs from the garden and along with other plants from the supermarket, you’ll learn how to make various types of pestos – perfect for pastas, salads and more. 

Saturday, July 29, 10 – 11am

Create a Wildlife Friendly Backyard

Terrace Room and Children’s Garden

  • M $6; NM $8
  • Best for ages 6 to 10
  • Register by Tuesday, July 25

Even in a small backyard, you can create a wonderful home to provide cover, food and water for wildlife like birds, butterflies, squirrels and more. Using the Children’s Garden Wildlife Habitat as our outdoor classroom, we’ll play games and explore to learn what creatures need in their habitat and how you can create a home for them in any size area. Parents, you’ll head home with information on how to certify your habitat through the National Wildlife Foundation. 

Saturday, July 29, 1 – 3pm

Collecting Seed: A How-To Workshop

  • Terrace Room; Lori Coats, My Raggedy Herbs
  • M $15 ; NM $22
  • Register by Tuesday, July 25

Gathering seeds for next year’s crop is easier than it seems. Join us for an interactive workshop to discuss collecting seeds from edible and ornamental plants. You’ll learn how to properly store, treat, and sow seeds throughout the seasons and head outside to try our hand at gathering seeds from our edible raised beds and prairie garden.