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Photo by Doug Hoke for NewsOK & the Oklahoman.

Myriad Botanical Gardens’ Prairie Garden Unveiled


  • Near Dog park and just east of Garden’s main driveway entrance off Reno Avenue.

Mission of Garden: 

An ornamental prairie garden to educate visitors on native prairie plants that:

  • Are recommended for Oklahoma gardens/plantings
  • Are drought and heat tolerant
  • Attract and help sustain birds, bees, butterflies and other pollinators.
  • Provide a sense of place – showcase a slice of an Oklahoma prairie landscape
  • Inspire home gardeners, businesses and civic municipalities to install eco-friendly native plant landscapes

Designed Plan by

  • Julie Moir Messervy, Julie Moir Messervy Design Studio


  • Kirkpatrick Family Fund
  • Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust
  • Parks & Public Spaces Initiative

Total Area: 11,000 sq. ft.

  • (Dogpark – 2,500 sq ft. )        ( Prairie – 8,500 sq ft.)

Total Number of Plants planted: 5,082

  • There are about 55 different kinds of plants in the two areas.
  • (The Dogpark bed has approx. 1,631 individual plants in it. The Prairie has approx. 3,451 plants in it. )

Signature Grasses and Flowers in the Prairie Gardens

  • Grasses:  Little Bluestem Grass, Mexican Feather grass, Pink Muhly Grass, Switch Grass
  • Flowers:  Butterfly Weed, Coneflowers, Coreopsis, Downy Sunflower, Gaillardia, Gayfeather, Great Blue Lobelia, Mexican Hat, Swamp Milkweed

Plant Sources

  • Prairie Wind Nursery – 929 Goodman Lane, Norman, OK 73026  T. 405.579.8846
  • Grogg’s Green Barn – 10105 E 61st St, Tulsa, OK 74133  T. 918. 994. 4222
  • Prairie Nursery


  • Boutoloua curtipendula, Sideoats grass
  • Muhlenbergia capillaris, Pink Muhly grass
  • Schizachyrium scoparium, Little Bluestem
  • Sporobolus heterolepsis, Prairie dropseed

Flowering Herbacious Plants       

  • Allium stellatum,  Prairie onion
  • Amorpha canescens, Lead plant
  • Amsonia tabernaemontana, Blue Star Flower
  • Asclepias incarnata,  Swamp milkweed
  • Asclepias tuberosa, Butterfly flower, swamp milkweed
  • Aster azureus, Sky blue aster
  • Aster laevis, Smoother Aster
  • Baptisia alba, False indigo
  • Baptisia australis, False Blue indigo
  • Baptisia bracteata,  False indigo
  • Camassia scilloides, Wild hyacinth
  • Conoclinum coelestinum,  Blue mistflower
  • Coreopsis tripteris, Tickseed
  • Dalea purpurea, Purple prairie clover
  • Echinacea angustifolia, Narrow leaved coneflower
  • Echinacea pallida, Pale purple coneflower
  • Echinacea purpurea, Purple coneflower
  • Eryngium yuccifolium, Rattlesnake master
  • Eupatorium altissimum, Boneset
  • Helianthus mollis, Downy sunflower
  • Liatris pycnostachya, Prairie blazing star
  • Monarda fistulosa, Wild bee balm
  • Ratibida columnifera, Mexican hat
  • Ruella humilis, Wild petunia
  • Salvia azurea var. grandiflora,   Azure blue sage
  • Salvia greggii ‘Pink Preference’, Autumn Sage
  • Silphium laciniatum, Compass plant
  • Solidago speciosa, Showy goldenrod
  • Tradescantia bracteata,  Spiderwort
  • Vernonia altissima,  Tall ironweed
  • Vernonia fasciculata, Ironweed

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