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6-2014 Great Lawn (30)

The Myriad Gardens staff toasting to the new Great Lawn!

The Great Lawn Renovation

If you have been wondering why The Great Lawn and Sheridan Lawn have been roped off for the past month, it was because they needed a bit of a facelift.  The previous lawn space was Zoysia grass.  Zoysia grass does well in sun and is often preferred to Bermudagrass because it has a finer leaf blade than common Bermudagrass.  However, in our situation on the Great Lawn and Sheridan Lawn we get an extensive amount of traffic which Zoysia does not tolerate well.

If you think about New Year’s Eve Opening Night, Arts Festival, The Twilight Concerts Series, and Sonic Summer Movie Nights there can be up to 1000 people on the Great Lawn 2-3 nights a week (and that isn’t including Splendor, weddings, oh… and DeadCenter Film Festival that is happening this weekend).  With all that traffic (which we love) it was time to get a tougher grass.

The new sod was laid one month ago, right after Arts Festival.  It is a Bermudagrass, but not the common Bermudagrass you will find in most lawns.  The new lawn is ‘Northbridge’ Bermuda.  This is a Bermudagrass which has been developed especially for sport fields and therefore is more tolerate of traffic and colder temperatures, yet has a finer grass blade.  Additionally, it will recover faster if and when any traffic damage occurs.  It is important to keep in mind, however, that grass is a plant and all plants only have so much wear and tear they can take, especially when they are new.  Therefore, this summer we will be monitoring the traffic and activities closely to ensure the lawn success.

We are excited about this new improvement to the Gardens and invite you to come out to one of the many events, take off your shoes, and let your toes be the judge of our new lawn.